"I think about dying but I don’t want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it."

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"Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind."

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i cannot date a man without a vision

or a man who’s only vision is getting money

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"you are hauntingly beautiful and i’m anxious to know everything about you. depth is foreign these days take me to a place only you escape."

"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."

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"I won’t know how you feel til you tell me"

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